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RASTER Music Tracker

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Поддерживаемая ОС: icon Windows.png
Поддерживаемая платформа: Atari 8bit
Разработчик: Tom Salvo
Сайт: http://raster.infos.cz/atari/rmt/rmt.htm

Основные возможности

  • Mono 4 tracks / stereo 8 tracks.
  • 254 tracks, each with its own length (256 beats max.) and with support for track loop.
  • 64 instruments (stereo, instrument table up to 32 steps - 2 types and 2 modes with loop, instrument envelope up to 32 steps with loop, portamento, filter, 16bit bass, volume slide, volume minimum, vibrato, frequency shifting, etc.).
  • Fully automatic management of AUDCTL register (filters, 16bit basses) and/or manual AUDCTL settings.
  • Support for "volume only" forced output.
  • Note portamento up/down effect.
  • Instrument envelope commands for note/frequency shifting and support for special "like a C64 SID chip" filtering.
  • Up to 256 lines for song (with "goto line" support).
  • Beat speed 1 to 255 (1/50 to 255/50 sec).
  • Instrument speed from 1 to 4 per screen (up to 1/200 sec).
  • Main input/output song file format: RMT song files (*.rmt).
  • Input/output instrument file format: RMT instrument files (*.rti).
  • Export formats: RMT stripped song file (*.rmt), SAP file (*.sap), XEX Atari executable MSX file (*.xex), ASM simple notation source (*.asm).
  • Import formats: ProTracker modules (*.mod), Atari XE/XL Theta Music Composer songs (*.tmc).
  • Support for speed/size optimizations of RMT assembler player routine for concrete RMT module (very useful for background music in demos, games, etc.).
  • MIDI IN support!
  • MIDI multitimbral playing possibilities.