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Nestrogen - Vauxhall and Eye, and I
icon people.png Nestrogen
icon cdblack.png Vauxhall and Eye, and I
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 28 июня 2010
icon clock.png 0:33:43


  1. .
  2. These Not-So-Lendary Wings
  3. This is a Labyrinth, Not a Song
  4. El Negro y Naranja
  5. Planting the Seed of Mental Unrest
  6. Drunk Swimming in Sweet Binary Oblivion
  7. Mr Scott and the Lightning Over the Old Castle
  8. From the Abyssmal Catacombs to the Star Grazed Turrets
  9. Crushed to Bits
  10. Spitting Ice Cubes at the Center of the Center of the Sun
  11. The Frozen Winds of Mount Casio
  12. Transmission
  13. Kallith, the Octagonal Orifice