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Nestrogen - Nestrogen EP
icon people.png Nestrogen
icon cdblack.png Nestrogen EP (1st EP)
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 28 июня 2010
icon clock.png 0:30:51


  1. Cursed Gifts of Brilliance and Fatigue
  2. To Jump and Shoot in 2D
  3. Sandwiched Deep Within a Von Kaiser Roll
  4. If Only You Would Have Parried...
  5. An Ultra Serotonin Explosion
  6. Ode to the Primordial Stromatolites
  7. Wielding the Arcane Cypress Knee
  8. A Slow Drift Through TG-001x
  9. Hybrid Moments
  10. The Infinite Fucking Bonus Stage!!!
  11. Numerous Reasons to Smite Thee
  12. Enter the Dim Mak Library
  13. Desert of Radical Solitude