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Mister Beep - the LOwest FIdelity
icon people.png MISTER BEEP
icon cdblack.png the LOwest FIdelity
Лейбл B.HACK Records (bhq003)
icon calendar.png 26 октября 2010


  1. Horace's Adventure (NoiseFX Machine Code Sound Effects)
  2. The 90s have never come here
  3. Binary Universe
  4. Press the corresponding number (Percy The Rhythm Interpreter 1987)
  5. The game is over (Albert Einstein Drums)
  6. Romantic Central Processing Unit
  7. Pacman will eat you alive (NoiseFX Machine Code Sound Effects)
  8. One Bit Sound
  9. In the Mystic Woods (Sonido48)
  10. irrlicht project - L'autre valse d'Amelie (BONUS TRACK)
  11. irrlicht project - Another Music Studio Hit (BONUS TRACK)