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Chiptopia: The Best of 8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer
icon people.png 8bit weapon, ComputeHer
icon cdblack.png Chiptopia: The Best of 8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 08 января 2013


  1. Bits with Byte by 8 Bit Weapon
  2. Sysop by ComputeHer
  3. Chip On Your Shoulder by 8 Bit Weapon
  4. New York by ComputeHer
  5. The Art of Video Games Anthem by 8 Bit Weapon
  6. Dark Pub by ComputeHer
  7. Micro Boogie by 8 Bit Weapon
  8. Tickled Pink by ComputeHer
  9. IGUSTRA by 8 Bit Weapon
  10. Heart Beeps by ComputeHer
  11. Miami Dub Bounce by 8 Bit Weapon
  12. Coco Kitty by ComputeHer
  13. Fallout in the Wasteland (TND Remix) by 8 Bit Weapon
  14. Twilight Byte by ComputeHer
  15. Closer (Bitpop Mix) by 8 Bit Weapon
  16. Sugar Cube by ComputeHer