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8-BitApsychalypse - 8​​-​​Bit SHOP LYFE, Volume 3: Shopocalypse Now
icon people.png 8-BitApsychalypse
icon cdblack.png 8​​-​​Bit SHOP LYFE, Volume 3: Shopocalypse Now
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 04 июля 2014
icon clock.png 1:03:33


  1. "Krak0a (Xavier)", Meracula
  2. "All Ska, No Bullshit", Short Handed Goal
  3. "Fuck Doors! Go Gypsy", FORT! The Band
  4. "Mexico Danger Zone", Sonic the Drug Hog
  5. "Bike Song", The Takeaways
  6. "Apocalyptic Dance Party", The Brunt of It
  7. "Just Another", The Takeaways
  8. "Of All the Things I've Done (No Hope)", A Guy Named Guy
  9. "Give Up the Ghost", Bright Red Reason
  10. "Revelation", The Cultured
  11. "Chariot of God", Troll2
  12. "Leviathan", Sodapop Girlfriend
  13. "One and the Same," The Takeaways
  14. "Promise You", And The Kids
  15. "Women and Wine", The Cultured
  16. "Basement", Germ Head
  17. "Good Behavior", Ronald Vegan
  18. "Blood on the Floor," The Takeaways
  19. "Rebel Radio", Short Handed Goal
  20. "A Life I'm Not Used To", A Guy Named Guy
  21. "Post-Apocalyptic Existence", The Takeaways
  22. "The Car Song", Poor Jeremy
  23. "Doing Nothing", Everything Ever
  24. "Ska's Not Dead", A Guy Named Guy