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I Fight Dragons - IFD Amnesty


  1. Why Bother (Weezer Cover)
  2. I Fight Dragons Overture 1.0
  3. The Process (I Fight Dragons vs. Imogen Heap)
  4. No One Likes Superman Anymore (LSDJ Gameboy Version)
  5. The Faster The Treadmill (Gameboy-Only Version)
  6. The Heart of Life (Live Chiptune John Mayer Cover)
  7. Rickroll + Mario
  8. I Fight Ganon (Legend of Zelda Theme - Live)
  9. No One Likes Superman Anymore [Evil Robo-Dragon Remix]
  10. Chocolate Treadmill
  11. The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton Cover)
  12. Air Man from Mega Man 2 (Packy Lundholm version)
  13. And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover)
  14. I Will Wait For You If You Do For Me
  15. Don't You?
  16. Alien for Christmas (Fountains of Wayne cover)