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Firage - 2011


  1. Adventure
  2. Emerald Nebula
  3. Climbing the Dark Tower
  4. Green Hills and Plains
  5. Corroded Battlefield
  6. Champion
  7. Wargan in Summer
  8. High-Tech Espionage Vehicle
  9. Violent
  10. The End of the Journey
  11. Hupsu
  12. Hyperspace
  13. And They Lived Happily Ever After and So on
  14. Through the Llama Passage
  15. The Interdimensional Portal
  16. Huy Haemi, the Maiden of the Blade
  17. The Final Battle Against the Sick Crew
  18. Tiuack
  19. Interstellar Speeding (Stage 3B)
  20. Downtown (Stage 5A)
  21. The Final Tower (Stage 10A-4)
  22. A Swordsman from the East (Boss 4B)
  23. Prepare to Get Your Ass Kicked (Boss 7A)
  24. A Brave Step into the Unknown (Stage 10A-1)
  25. Nuclear Warfare (Boss 9B)
  26. Of Petals and Blades (Stage 4B)