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Gwarth - Blast Processing


  1. Koshiron City (Dedicated To Yuzo Koshiro)
  2. Open Up A Whole Can Of Worm Ants
  3. Soul Of Ninja Justice - 忍者正義の魂
  4. It's Payback Time! (Dedicated To Brad Fang)
  5. Showdown Throwdown At The South Pole Watering Hole
  6. Back Alley Brawl Free For All
  7. Sweatin' Bullets
  8. Broad Street Bullies (Dedicated To The Beauty Of Grind)
  9. Stompin' Ground
  10. The E.P.O.C.H. Heist
  11. March Of The Samurai
  12. Radd Hot Jammin' (Dedicated To Norrin Radd)
  13. Venture Through The Toxic Forest
  14. Cerberus Awakens
  15. Phalanx (Dedicated To Corey Neal)
  16. Assimilate, Regenerate, Assimilate
  17. Retreat From The Abyss
  18. Escape From The Mountains Of Madness Pt. I
  19. Escape From The Mountains Of Madness Pt. II
  20. Forlani (Burnt By The Sun Cover)