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Bill Schaeffer - PLATO Computer Music 1977 - 1982
icon people.png Bill Schaeffer
icon cdblack.png PLATO Computer Music 1977 - 1982
Лейбл Atwater
icon calendar.png 2009
icon clock.png 1:00:56


  1. Rainbow Electric Fanfare
  2. The Return of Bigfoot
  3. Adf
  4. Razorback Stomp
  5. The Spring Woodchuck
  6. The Light in Your Eyes
  7. A Tale of Two Earmuffs
  8. The Cyclist
  9. Magic Eight Ball
  10. Electrical Lobotomy
  11. Funnybone, or the Midnight Movie Theme
  12. Img=6
  13. Random Song No. 1, or Symphony From the Rubber Room
  14. Lost Apes of Langerhorn
  15. Mortar, the Big Bang Theory
  16. Paws Too Reflect On the Porpoise of Life
  17. Combinations Four
  18. Inter-dimensional Phase Slip
  19. Random Song No.2, or What Happened to the Radio
  20. Random Song No.3, or a Very Round About Way of Traveling
  21. Happy GSW Song
  22. Silly Putty Circus
  23. Sneaking Little Theives
  24. The Adventures of Steamboat Willie
  25. Test Song Two
  26. The Wailing
  27. Well Uhh...
  28. Eighteen Computer Count
  29. Random Song No. 4, or Introducing the Music of Mr. R. N. Dumb
  30. Yaka Hano Gatzina Yoni, Corn People's Gatzina Song
  31. Uncle Weird's Fun House
  32. Igotrhy
  33. Dream - Left Hand Freedom, or the Other Side of Your Mind
  34. Random Song No. 5, or a Moderately Random Piece of Sludge
  35. PLATO Computer Boogie