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Jake Kaufman - Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment OST
icon people.png Jake Kaufman
icon cdblack.png Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment OST
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 06 апреля 2017
icon clock.png 1:21:20


  1. One Dark Knight (Intro)
  2. From the Shadows (Plains of Passage)
  3. Boss Victory
  4. The Magic Mirror (Tower Hub)
  5. The Lonely Parapet
  6. Tools of War (Clockwork Tower)
  7. Aqua Vitae (Explodatorium)
  8. Facing the Task (Lost City)
  9. Both Eyes Open
  10. A Cargo of Fineries (Flying Machine)
  11. The Price of Doing Business (Iron Whale)
  12. The Struggle Never Ends
  13. A Wintry Paradise (Stranded Ship)
  14. In the Halls of the King (Pridemoor Keep)
  15. Hidden by Night (Lich Yard)
  16. Boss - Embraced by Darkness
  17. Hitting Close to Home
  18. Boss - Go No Further!
  19. A Fool's Wager
  20. Incompleto Sin Ti
  21. Fate Approaches
  22. Know Thy True Self
  23. Final Redemption
  24. An Imposition of Order (Ending)
  25. Trailer - Specter of Torment