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8-BitApsychalypse - 8​-​Bit SHOP LYFE, Volume 1
icon people.png 8-BitApsychalypse
icon cdblack.png 8​-​Bit SHOP LYFE, Volume 1
Лейбл Без лейбла
icon calendar.png 30 сентября 2013
icon clock.png 1:15:13


  1. 'Fire in the Fens,' A Guy Named Guy
  2. 'I Tripped Over My Other Foot,' F-Word Lowrey
  3. 'F__k The Police,' Chris O'Grady
  4. 'BGF,' Bright Red Reason
  5. 'Waves & Wolves,' The Cultured
  6. 'This Time,' Bright Red Reason
  7. 'Gemini,' The Cultured
  8. 'Everytime I See You,' FORT!/Meracula
  9. 'Steve vs. Zeus,' FORT!/Meracula
  10. 'Halcyon Nights,' FORT!/Meracula
  11. 'Fuck Life,' The Takeaways
  12. 'Run,' The Takeaways
  13. 'I Hate Everyone,' The Takeaways
  14. 'We're Generic, We're Okay,' Ronald Vegan
  15. 'Bags and Glasses,' F-Word Lowrey
  16. 'The Cat Thinks They're Cool,' Vegan Arcade
  17. 'Dying Like a Fly in a Cup,' Poor Jeremy
  18. 'I'll Take Butt of a Joke for 1000,' Ronald Vegan
  19. 'Here There Be Pirates,' Llama Tsunami
  20. 'I Do Drugs (And So Do You),' Ronald Vegan
  21. 'Blood on the Floor,' The Takeaways
  22. '20 Damn Dollars,' FORT!/Meracula
  23. 'Overhead Lines,' Bright Red Reason
  24. 'Just Another,' The Takeaways
  25. 'We All Take Drugs,' Chris O'Grady
  26. 'The City,' The Takeaways
  27. 'ADTR,' Poor Jeremy
  28. 'One for the End,' Bright Red Reason